I would like to recommend you our beloved village, Balatoncsicsó with the partiality of an inhabitant of the village for 5 decades.

How could I describe you this small village of its 220 inhabitants lying in the middle of the Nivegy valley 8km-s from the northern bank of the Lake Balaton? It’s neat streets, on the vineyards the peaking wine cellars bathing in the light of the setting sun. How can I show you the kindliness and hospitality of the locals and the sight of the perfectly managed vineyards? How can I make you feel the rare harmony and calmness in the environment in the neighborhood of the untouched nature, the surrounding hills, and forests? With the help of modern technology now you can discover this small village.

Those visiting Balatoncsicsó are keen to taste the far-famed igneous wine of Juhfark wine grapes with the comfort provided by the local wine cellar owners. We know of course that the beautiful environment and the surrounding nature is not enough for our visitors, the personal experience is inevitable. One must meet the people living here: the grape farmer living here for almost 8 decades, the engineer who settled here 15 years ago, the last ‘living history books’ of our ethnic culture, the families settling in the beautiful residential park.

It is so joyful to see more and more returning visitors, many people are buying a wine cellar on the hill, or a house in the village, telling about it to their friends how marvelous, calm village became their new home among the community of hard working kind people.

Those visiting personally are surprised to see the smallest village of the country where a German minority school can be found of 111 pupils with the support of the 5 settlements of the Nivegy-valley. For a long time the local accordion orchestra was nationally known, while nowadays generational change is going through.

The school operation in Zánka and in Révfülöp, is currently training the new orchestra out of 136 bright students.

Dear Visitor!

I hope that we managed to heighten your curiosity towards our municipality, and it will be among your aims to visit Balatoncsicsó personally with friends or family.

Hoping to meet you soon,

With kind regards,

József Schumacher